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Ashram Christmas Letter from the Clements: December 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

We would like to wish you an extended Merry X-Mas trusting you have had a meaningful one. By the way as you perhaps know, the "x" in x-mas is the Greek letter "chi", the first letter in Christ. So, it should be pronounced as Christmas. "Mas" "means "dismissed"-- the dismissing word of the priest to the congregation implying that they are sent out into the world on mission for Christ!

As usual we had so many opportunities to minister the word during Christmas. We had an Outreach Christmas Celebration on the 19th near our residential colony. It was attended by about 200 people including the children. The word was preached with clarity. Any call for decisions is seen as a call for conversions. We did not take that route for obvious reasons. On the 23rd I had another opportunity to share the message to a tribal community. The study center girls participated in the dances. Several people indicated to follow the Lord Jesus.

I was preaching on Christmas morning at a Lutheran Church nearby and gave the whole 9- yard message in 45 minutes! Believe me, they liked it! Several of them indicated that they watch the Parivarthana TV program that we broadcast. In the evening on x-mas day I was preaching in an outreach church and that too went well. Paul who used to work for the Ashram has established a church and invited Sathya and me to speak. One of the features of the Indian Christmas Celebration is that they cut the Cake on His birth day! For me this is a syncretistic practice and we tolerate it!

Sathya has had opportunities for the ministry as well. In a community church nearby she is asked to speak for their Women’s Meeting during Christmas. Men too attend it! She has been doing this for them for the last four years and they enjoy her each time and they honor her with a flower bouquet.

At lunch hour we played music on the loud speaker, some soft western music and Indian Christmas music. We had a wonderful Christmas lunch with Sathya’s sisters and

their families. One of her sisters, Aruna, and her husband and nine others were involved in a major car accident – the driver lost control of the vehicle and ran into a tree. Thankfully there was no loss of life but sustained seriously injuries. Sathya nursed Aruna and her husband for a few days and now they are feeling a lot better.

Lima and Sam and their three children will be visiting us from Seattle by the end of this month. Sam will work from here and they hope to be with us for a month. We are looking forward to their visit. Daniel and Anne paid a short visit to India while Anne has had a job related visit to Bangladesh. They helped us with our computer needs and that was valuable. They are helping us with the software related to the TV broadcast and the publication of our biblical resources. Dorothy and Toris have had their fourth child in June, again a daughter, Jordan. She was born a little too early but has picked up her courage a little too fast. She is adorable. Thanks for praying for all of us.

As far as the TV broadcast is concerned, we realized that the coverage of this channel is not great. The cable operators seem to be discriminatory in serving the Christian channels. This might even become worse. We need to fight against the system while fervently asking to God to intervene.

Let me take this opportunity to thank God for you and for your support. If we do not ask for support does not mean that we do not have needs. May the good Lord put into your account what you spend for Him and for His Kingdom. We are grateful for sustaining the ministry.

Wish you a Mission centered New Year 2014

Sincerely, Clement and Sathya


Ashram Update June 2013

Dear Praying Partners:

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus because of whom we are related and have a common cause!

To begin with, let us share a couple of answers to your prayer. If you recall, we prayed for 2/3 years for Pastor for Ratna Babu and for Mrs. Sunitha. 

We know that Ratna Babu and his family were persecuted in a big way: his son was gauged in the middle of the night and was bruised in a big way by the Hindu militant groups with the threat that they would kill the whole family if they were to continue in their ministry.  In this ordeal, no one including the legal protection organizations could help them. His neighbors wanted to help him in a big way but they realized the intricacy of the problem and could not help except to sympathize.  The pastors in his town gathered together wanted to take up His cause as a massive undertaking, but they too could not move forward in curbing the activities of the evil men.  The cops could only advise to better leave the militants alone than to apply any pressure on them lest they become vindictive. All that Ratna Babu could do was to appeal to the Lord of Hosts.  Surely He could help: two of the key militants died!  Fear gripped the people around including the militants. They had to vacate the headquarters, three storied building they had erected next to the church. The idol they erected next to the church is abandoned.  The role reversal took place! The members of the church could repair their church building and are presently worshipping the Lord with joy and boldness.  As in the case of Job, Ratna Babu was restored with double of what he had lost while the memories and the effects of his suffering and pain could not be erased. Praise the Lord who does all things righteously.

A similar vindication occurred for Sunitha as well.  Some of mother Teresa must be in her.  As you recall, she was arrested last year and was warned not to continue her work among the poor children.  The parents of the children assured of her security against the militants.  They acknowledged that their children were better off with her than without her. She has a lot of wonderful stories to tell as to how God intervened in her life.  Now she has a six clubs among children and youth and continues to work for the Lord only with more and joy.  The picture illustrates one of the clubs conducted right on the street with many onlookers. You can locate Sunitha standing next to me as I was seated as a guest.  We are so glad that we could help and equip Ratna Babu and Sunitha in some small way.




One new feature of our ministry is training through the TV program, Parivarthana, ‘Transformation’.  At the request of some pastors ministering remote areas of the state we started using the TV media for training.  Since it is a costly affair especially in view of the fact that ours is a training program as opposed to evangelistic endeavor and that this could be cost effective if done by U-tube, we asked the Lord for some confirmation for our direction.  In that context, in fact the next day, we received a call from a pastor from a remote area, from the northern boarders of the state, appreciating the teaching, the non- shouting style.  He added, “I never made such calls before but I felt burdened to make this calling you to thank you and asking you a question”.  That was enough of a confirmation for us.  Recently the last Friday in May, another pastor called.   He questioned our interpretation of Rom 12:1-2 – We held that Christian worship targets the heart and mind as opposed to the external forms of Jewish worship. This pastor belongs to a sect that is spreading fast in our state, a sect that claims that Jesus should be called only as Yeshua-messiah and not by any other name.  We could help such leaders.

If you are interested you could watch on AradanaTV.com, at 8:00 am EST (5:30 pm IST) on Fridays.  All this is a potential invitation for more opposition!  Without the objective measurements of right and wrong; without the energy and motivation to fulfill those objectives, there will be no hope for any nation or society.  Please pray for India. Pray for the Church in India.  Our desire is that we may be faithful agents of “transformation”, the very title of this broadcast.


Brief updates on other items:  First, let me introduce you to some new additions to our Board in India. We have two new members added: Mr. C. Joseph and Mr. P. Karunakar.  Mr. Joseph is an x-cop and retired as a Jail superintendent and he also teaches the pastors.  Mr. Karunakar retired recently as a branch manager of a nationalized bank. We so have a new and diligent part teacher, Moshe.




Regarding the pastors training, on an average 17 of them attend in one center and other groups will start in July.  As per the weekly study centers, over 40 of them are going on across the state developing local leaders in their churches to assist their pastors. On an average 15 people in each group study the word diligently.  We are continuing to help the children who cannot provide the fees for their children. 

The Literature ministry is forging ahead: The Synopsis of the Gospels is being used by many pastors.  The Interpreter’s Bible will soon go to the printer.  We are awaiting the permission for copyright from the Bible Society and the NIV Study Bible. Our son Daniel and his wife Anne are helping us with the charts and maps that would go into the Interpreter’s Bible. 

A political matter of a great concern:   India will for elections next year.  If the state leaders who made moves to execute pastors-- who baptize the converts-- become the leaders at the federal level (that is the move currently being made) one can understand the concern of the Indian church.  However, our courage comes from the sovereign God who takes the final decision. But that happens when when we fulfill our obligation to pray fervently, 1 Tim. 2:1-4. Will you join us in prayer?

We would love to pray for you as well.  Will you let us know how we should pray?

Yours sincerely,

Clement and Sathya

June 2013


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